Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

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Writing an accurate review of an online diamond retailer is a task that raises several problems. First of all, the majority of online vendors offer similar search tools and devices to assist you in your buying process. For this reason, it can rather hard to discover something new and identify what makes the particular service unique.

Then, the second problem – it is basically related to the first one: should we seek uniqueness or reliability when we try to judge such a service?

Let us try to answer these questions by taking a look at what Brian Gavin Diamonds has to offer and why they became one of the most established names in the industry.

Article Source: Brian Gavin Diamonds Review – Are They The Real Deal? – Beyond 4Cs

A Review of’s Services

As the state of the art has been pushed forward again and again, there are a myriad of features that have fallen out of the “Wow!” sector and to be expected of any online jeweler. An easy jewelry browser tool is one such feature. Luckily, Brian Gavin Diamonds does this right and provides an excellent browser which incorporates easy-to-use sliders.

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Quality At Its Best!

Also, when the goods sold by an e-commerce site sells are priced in the range of tens of thousands of dollars, live customer support is among the least that you should expect.

Having said that, I decided to test the live chat service several times. Even though the default greeting message is an undemanding standard greeting sentence, the peers on the other side proved to be human every time.

Another pair of features that consumers enjoy are free shipping and money back guarantee. Now, you should not allow yourself to be mesmerized just by hearing these as they are also standard terms for any good online retailers.

Instead, what is really more important and meaningful for you is the quality of their diamonds and their service standards.

Design And Marketing – Different by Choice

Brian Gavin Diamonds offers an entirely different browsing experience. Instead of the heavenly whites and pale blues you are probably accustomed to when visiting other sites, BrianGavinDiamonds comes with a black background with powerful orange and green contours.

My first impression was that such a design is too aggressive for a business related to diamonds. However, I soon realize that even though it is unusual, it does not make the diamonds which are delivered by them also black, orange or green.

That is, even though they spot an unconventional website design, they still deliver top-notch diamonds and take pride in making you a happy customer.


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