How to Approach a Retail Store Owner to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

How to Approach a Retail Store Owner to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

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Retail store owners are busy people with limited time. On the plus side, store owners are always looking for unique handcrafted items that can set their store apart from their competition.

Thus, they can be a receptive market for your handmade jewelry. To sell your jewelry in a boutique or gallery setting, you need to approach the store owner in the most professional manner possible.

Here are some tips for doing it properly:

1. Visit the store prior to approaching them to take your items to make sure your jewelry is an appropriate fit. Don’t address the owner of the store at that time. Get a card while you’re there
so you can telephone them in the future to set up an appointment.

2. Always telephone and speak with the owner before attempting to market your jewelry to her. Store owners don’t like to be approached during store hours unless the designer has an
established appointment.

3. Have your terms and price structure established and documented on paper so you can hand the owner a copy. This makes you look like the professional you are.

4. Know your inventory inside out and be able to communicate this to the store owner. Let her know why your items are special.

5. When you do get an appointment, take along a representative group of samples of your jewelry. Don’t bring more than one or two of one particular type of item. When there are too many choices it can confuse the shop owner and result in indecision which can reduce your chances of getting an order.

6. Don’t be upset by rejection. It’s a part of doing business. Even the most beautiful jewelry is not right for every market. This is why the initial research you did when you visited the store is so

By approaching store owners in the most professional manner possible, you’ll have a much better chance of forming a successful long term relationship that can be mutually beneficial.


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