A Unique Market for Handmade Jewelry

A Unique Market for Handmade Jewelry

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If you’re in the handmade jewelry business, you know how important it is to find new markets for your handmade jewelry. Here is a niche market you may not have thought of that’s growing in this country.

More and more people are participating in yoga for the fitness benefits as well as the ability for the yoga lifestyle to relieve stress in their daily lives.

I recently read about a lady who came to America from Thailand. Although she had everything going against her including a lack of capital and the inability to speak English, she saw an opportunity in the handmade jewelry business making jewelry to market through yoga studios. She successfully launched her company in 2004 and has been making jewelry for her niche market since that time with much success.

Why has this woman been so successful in marketing jewelry to yoga studios? Women who frequent these studios are looking for jewelry that has meaning. Mass produced jewelry holds less appeal to them compared to the average population.

What type of items appeal to the yoga market? After doing some research, I found there were people making what is known as Chakra Balancing Jewelry. These are bracelets and necklaces made out of combinations of gemstones which can supposedly balance the chakra energy centers.

I also found jewelry designed using the peace symbol which had names such as “Universal Peace” and “World Peace”. There was frequent use of the “OM” symbol, a sacred Hindu symbol representing Brahman. There was also heavy use of gemstones of all types in this jewelry as well as some use of crystals.

If you already make gemstone jewelry, it wouldn’t be difficult to adapt your jewelry to meet this niche market. I would suggest doing some research online to find out what’s currently being offered.

You could come up with a few designs based on what appears to be popular with the yoga crowd. It would be important to give your jewelry an appropriate name and an explanation of the meaning behind the design.

Once you have your designs completed, you could do a search in your area for yoga studios that might be interested in carrying your unique line of jewelry. You might also consider approaching natural food stores and new age stores as additional market for your creations.

Of course, you could also start a niche website to sell your yoga jewelry which could connect to the sites where you currently sell your jewelry designs. This would increase traffic to both of your sites. You could attract visitors to your yoga jewelry website by submitting articles on yoga to free article databases with links to your site in your author bio.

If you’re ready for a new jewelry market and you currently use gemstones in your jewelry designs, you may want to consider this unique niche market for your handmade jewelry.

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